Tuesday, 24 September 2013

A hairy situation

So I thought as I am nearly at my penultimate chemotherapy session I would update you all on my hair growth/hairloss situation.

So far I have been very pleased with how everything has worked out.

At the beginning of treatment you feel as if you will look in the mirror one day and not recognise yourself.  I had this fear as I have said before.  But I do believe this is a choice.  You can either give up and let it happen, or you can be like me and refuse to look ill.

(In public anyway.  My poor sister and brother in law have seen me at my worst!)

I went to Look Good Feel Better day last Tuesday and it was fab. They teach you how to do makeup properly, and how to create looks when you have no hair. How to draw eyebrows on etc.

It is a charity that was set up 20 years ago.  My goodie bag was amazing!!

I unfortunately was not used as a guinea pig as I still have hair but there was a young girl, my age who had ovarian cancer( for the second time). 

She had had the same chemotherapy treatments as me. Well there was not a hair on her.  I mean no where! She was as bald as they come. 

I looked at her then I looked at me and thought, my goodness I am really lucky. My hair is really holding on in there!! I still have hair on my arms and legs.  The razor has not been chucked yet!

So I have decided to give you a glimpse into the reality of what it can be like having cancer and still trying to look as good as possible. 

My eyebrows are the first things I would like to show you.  I am going to recommend to anyone who is starting treatment or god forbid anyone who may find out they are too suffering, go and get your eyebrows tattood!! 

It costs a staggering £395 but totally worth it!! I went to Essex.  If I want anything like that done, I go to Essex, they know what they're doing!


(Excuse the pouty picture but at the time I did not think to take a picture of my eyebrows, not close up anyway)


As you can see my eyebrows before and after are not that different.  I even had them threaded the other day!

I've lost a lot around the end of the brow but because they are tattood, you really can not tell. I use an eyebrow pencil to colour in the few missing at the front and hey presto I have perfect eyebrows and I do not look like E.T!! 

And when chemotherapy is finished they will give me a second coating so they will be more defined. Best money I have ever spent. 
I know that they will all eventually come out but I'm not worried now thanks to my tattoo and my tutorial on eyebrow penciling. 

My eyelashes are really hanging in there! They have become a lot shorter and there are a few that are missing but I think I had a hell of a lot to start with! 

Again I know eventually they will come out but because I have eyebrows I won't look so weird.

Before picture...

As you can see they are little bit more like spiders legs but I can still put mascara on, just!  The bottom ones are holding on too.

My hair on my head is growing slowly. I am still wearing my scarves as they look pretty and also because I refuse to be the colour that is coming out! 

I'm a natural blonde don't you know!!! 

So like I have said before when I can dye it back to its original colour (cough cough) and it has grown a little more I will lose the scarves, not perminantly. It's funny, but I think even when my hair grows back I will continue to wear scarves. They really can look so pretty. 

In terms of relaxation and keeping myself looking as good as I can.  (Remember, I am vain, a trait I get from my father) I am looking after my skin and nails.  I paint my nails every couple of days and thanks to my wonderful friend Nat, I am using nailtique.  A pure protein that helps keep your nails in tact.

She brought in back from LA, it is cheap over there, about $12 whereas over here it costs around £25.

My skin is playing up a bit but I had a facial the other day.  I did not ask if I could, I just went.  I needed a pick me up.  It was the nicest facial I have ever had.  The beautician was very sweet and gave me a head massage instead of the usual arm massage just in case it would cause any harm. I went to  Beauty of Weybridge if anyone is interested.

Anything was better than the horrendous massage I had a few days earlier where the lady poked my face for a good twenty minutes!  No joke.  At one point I wanted to open my eyes and ask if she was playing a trick on me!

A full body it was not.  She stopped at my arms.  I thought that she was just getting ready to do my legs and she literally stopped, washed her hands and said she had finished.  I walked out of there stiffer than before I went in.  I was not impressed.

So all in all everything on the hair and skin front is good. And if in time I lose the rest of the lashes and brows then so be it, I am fully prepared to still look like me and not like an alien. 

It ain't cheap this cancer situation! I'm more high maitanence now than I ever was!! 

Wish me luck, Clive is getting brutally crushed on Thursday. 

Until then.....

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