Thursday, 19 September 2013

19th September....Finally vertical

So it took 6 days for me to actually recover from docetaxol.  Being up right is a real treat.  They were the longest 6 days of my life!  Being that ill is horrible.

I think the last time I was that ill, I had tonsillitis and was in bed for about a week.

It really makes you appreciate being well.  It is like when you have a horrendous hangover and you swear you will never drink again.  You are pleading to feel better but the ache doesn't go away.  It is only the next morning when you feel good again that the relief sets in and you feel amazing.

That is how I felt. (Why do I always relate everything to alcohol? It's slightly worrying? I truly may be a lush!)

So whilst I am up and about for this week I intend to make the most of it.  I am back to work, albeit for 3 days but still it gets me out of the house.  And I am off out with the girls on Saturday night for an italian.  Anything to enjoy the freedom of feeling better.  Until next week when I will be shot down again and run over.  I wait patiently for the truck.

Maybe I wont be so ill next time.  Yeah right.  I am not that lucky.  Although I do not mind now.  I have two treatments left so if I have to spend a total of 2 weeks in bed then so be it.  I have all the time in the world when I am recovered so I can cope with it.

The one thing that I have realised is never to take your health for granted.  To all you readers, appreciate that you wake up every morning feeling good.  I can not wait to just feel good again.  To look good again.

To be able to just go and get my nails done without worry.  To go to the hairdressers and have my hair done, to go to a salon to have a massage.  Even to take such silly things like paracetamol for a headache without questioning it first. It is strange to think what we do without even blinking yet when it is taken away you realise how simple life is when you have good health.

My mum asked me the other day what I wanted for Christmas.  To be well is the only thing I would like, oh and for santa to give me a leg up on the old hair.  I would like a bob for Christmas!

Too much? The way my hair is growing it may not be impossible! 

I still have eyelashes, they are a lot thinner but they're holding on. I never quite appreciated how lovely my lashes were!  My eyebrows are still in tact.  So much so that I'm gonna get them threaded later! 

Knowing my luck the next treatment they will all fall out so that'll be a waste of money! Although gotta look as good as I can whilst I still have hair! And enjoy it too. Again I'll miss plucking and waxing when it's gone. (If it goes) my hair is a tough bird, it's hanging on in there!! 

I will keep you posted about the hair, I know how much you all want to know! 

I must just mention that my tumour is nearly non existent! My lump was very prominent just above my right nipple. It literally stuck out, it was hard and ridged. 

Thanks to the chemo it has become much smaller, softer and basically disappearing. I am so happy. 

So long Clive, your being incinerated!!!

Ha I'm winning but in the end I always do! 


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