Sunday, 28 July 2013

28th July 2103 2 down 4 to go :-)

Clive won't kill me, this tiredness will! I have never known anything like it before.
My 20 month old nephew has more energy than me. 

Everyone is affected by chemotherapy differently. I am suffering with tiredness and sickness, oh not to mention the glorious heartburn. That's just an added bonus.  I am restless all the time. I sit down for 5 minutes and I am on edge, so I get up and do something and then I need to sit down again because I need a rest. If I were playing musical chairs I'd be winning right now. 
I have the body of a 90 year old and the mind of a 25 year old! All I've wanted to do is sit in the bath! 

Today I do feel better. It has been 4 days since my second dose and I am up and about. I hit the gym this morning. I'm trying to reboot my energy. I have people coming over later so I want to feel fresh and not pass out between my Cous Cous and burgers! 

I am off the second lot of meds. No funny side effects. I'm not seeing ghosts or talking to myself(well no more than usual) and I still do not have the dreaded moon face!! 

I am also taking lifemel honey recommended by a lovely lady Kimberley. It was a steal at £40 for a pot so small I couldn't find it in my cupboard. I take 2 teaspoons twice a day. Yummy. It's supposed to help with my white blood count to get rid of infections. At that price I wanna be running a marathon! 

I may have a glass of cider later. Water is starting to taste like tar. It is not quenching my thirst one bit. I do have coconut water but no one tells you it tastes like urine. Maybe it's just my taste buds though. 

I will get better I know. I just hate feeling like an ill person. 

I am getting used to the new hair. I am putting my wig on and scarves. The wig will be fully ready on Tuesday. 
I am wearing all my Hermes. Trying to co-ordinate my attire, although when they're vintage they pretty much go with anything! 

I used the cold cap again. It was my very witty Dr, Dr Laing. He said that I should preserve my 90's grade 2 hair cut so it'll be easier to grow my hair back when it's all over. I agreed to I will continue to use it. 
Yes I know I look like a total prat, laugh away! But if I get to keep my roots then so be it. Tour de France I'm coming for you!! 

All in all I've realised that things could be worse. A lovely lady sat next to me in the chemo lounge as I like to call it. She was chatting away telling me she was as healthy as ever and she had been struck down with terminal cancer. Her husband was so shocked he passed out in the doctors surgery for 2 1/2 hours. They were so worried about him. She just laughed. 
'Bless men,' she said. 
I wanted to hug her there and then. 

Yes things could be a lot worse. 3 months of tiredness or no life at all. I know which one I choose every time. Life is just too fun to miss. 


  1. Hi Alex
    I'm a friend of Mel and Vicky's and saw your blog on FB. I had 8 cycles of FEC-T last year. Sucks huh!
    Thought I'd share some of the things that helped me through it: take the anti-sickness meds before the sickness kicks in, as soon as poss after infusion. 'Dom Perignon'worked best for me; travel sickness bands were a God-send; pineapple Just Juice lollies were just about the only thing that tasted normal, the cold helped the 'cardboard mouth' too; Difflam mouth spray was handy to have by the bed and in my handbag rather than carrying around the bottle of mouthwash. Once again, prevention is better than cure; the chemo nurses should precsribe some Lansoprazole for the indigestion. I'm still on it :( ; Rest! I know it's boring and your probably climbing the walls. I moved house during chemo and lived to reget it. Energy is a precious commodity right now.
    Keep on with the cold cap. It's worth the discomfort. My hair only thinned and not enough to need scarves etc. I was told to only wash my hair once a week and use Natur Vital shampoo. Thank God for Batiste! Last to go were eyelashes and brows but they were the first to reappear.
    I only got moon face after having iv steriods as I had an allergic reaction to Taxotere.
    I joined an online group via the Breast Cancer Care forums. We all started chemo at the same time and I found it to be a great support. We've migrated to a closed group on FB now and even though we're from all over the country have met up in person. No one understands unless they've been there.
    Lots of love to you and I hope you don't mind me contacting you. If you ever fancy a cyber chat or a rant about whatever please don't hesitate to contact me.
    Take care
    Josie xx

  2. Thank you so much Josie, all these little things help so much. Luckily I only have sickness for a few days. Im drinking water like its gonna run out lol. Taste so far is ok but i think taxotere will affect me slightly more than fec. Did you find that?
    I will be on herceptin as well as taxotere, hopefully no allergic reactions will happen.

    I have shaved my head to grade 2 and I will continue with the cc. If only to keep my root and hopefully it will be easier to grow back?

    I have met many girls via twitter and facebook who are a tremendous support to me. We all ask each other random questions but its so comforting to talk to people who know what it is like.

    I do hope you are 100%healthy and well? Mel has mentioned you several times so it is nice to finally have contact with you.

    Take care and speak soon.

    ps what the hell is a moon face anyway???


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