Wednesday, 13 November 2013

13th November 2013...what a week we have all had

Wow is all I can say. What a week I have had. Since I last wrote, my gorgeous charity workers and I were at the final stages of organising our first charity ball. 

The whole week was filled with mixed emotions. I was working for most of it and we were all rushing around trying to pick up the last of the prizes, calling the bank etc. just making sure everything was in place ready for the night. 

The day of the ball, we were all stressed, excited, rushed, tired and proud. We all knew it would be a good night but nothing could have prepared us for what can only be described as epic! 

All of a sudden guests had arrived and boom we had ourselves a party. 

Everyone was on form, happy, ready to dance the night away. Everyone's pockets were filled with cash. Everyone was laughing, joking and drinking! I think the jaeger bomb was the drink of choice for the evening! It certainly was mine! I lost count. I'm sure my doctor would frown upon the amount I drunk! I blame the guests ;-) 

I even managed a speech, don't ask me what I said. I can't remember. 

I felt so so proud and overwhelmed by the generosity, love and strength from every person in that room. 

I know my family were extremely proud as were my friends. Our total raised was a staggering £43,139.08!! 

A good night wouldn't you say? I could go on and on but I won't, memories for those who were there will stay for a very long time. (There are pictures, they are being edited as we speak).

Be Bald Be Beautiful has also been selected as a community matters charity in weybridge waitrose so pick up your green tokens. 

The slug and lettuce in weybridge are hosting a wig night in honour of the charity so come down and celebrate life and stick a finger up to cancer! 

It really is all going on and next year we will continue to go global. (Laugh away but it will happen.) We have loads of plans so watch this space. 

So how am I generally? Very well is what I am. It has been 4 weeks since my last chemo and I already feel like my energy is coming back. I am starting to slowly get used to my hair. I don't like my reflection still but I will learn to love myself again. Time is what I need. 

My lashes are growing and tomorrow I travel to Essex to have my second dose of eyebrow tattooing!! 

Yesterday I had my first herceptin treatment without chemo. The day was easy although it took them 2 attempts to find a vein! What I don't like is I have to go back to the chemotherapy ward, every 3 weeks for a year. 

I want to be cured and forget, but the treatment goes on along with the tamoxifen I will take for the next 5 years. 

My operation is on Monday. Good riddance Clive. Get him out once and for all!! I am excited and nervous. I don't like being immobile. But hopefully I won't be in bed for long. 

All this time I have refused to let Clive win, he sure as hell won't keep me down after this! 

So all in all everything seems to be heading in the right direction. I took the right path down that yellow brick road. And with a little help from my gorgeous family and courageous friends I know now more than ever that I will beat this. 

I have to face the fact that Clive will stay within my memory forever. But it will get easier. 

The ongoing treatment will be a reminder of strength not weakness.

How can I be sad? On the outside, with a charity that will raise so much money and help women feel beautiful, a blog that hopefully is helping so many and an army of people behind me, I can only smile. 

How I feel inside will eventually smile too. 


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