Saturday, 22 June 2013

End of the holiday....22nd June 2013

So I am back in blighty.  What lovely weather I have come home too!!  No wonder people move abroad.

So as you all probably know my holiday was a complete success.  I had an excellent time with my family and I have cleared my head and I am ready for action.

I have my wig meeting on tuesday.  I am hoping that this wig will be so good I will not care that I'll have no hair!  I have to arrange an appointmeent to get my eyebrows tattoo'd at some point and have my acrylic nails taken off.  I have had these on for about 10 years so god only knows what my nails are going to be like!

I have been on a website called anabandana.  They specialise in chemotherapy headscarves, bed hats and hats to put on before wigs and scarves to stop them sliding.  There seems to be so much to do!  All vanity related but this is the only thing I can control so I may as well do my best to look ok.

Whilst in Marbella I did treat myself to a Christian Dior headscarf which is to die for, (excuse the pun).  I have my mothers hermes at the ready and I am about to order some beaded turbans.  I am literally ready for the hair to come out with all my new accessories.

I have decided that I will cut my hair into a pixie crop.  Think Emma Watson after Harry Potter.  I figured that this will make it easier for me to deal with the hair loss if my hair is short anyway.  I have decided that I will try the cold cap.  For those of you who do not know or are not aware of this, it is a cap, like a bycycle helmet that is placed on the head before chemotherapy treatment to help prevent hair loss.  It freezes your scalp.  I have heard many different people say good and bad things about this cap and as I have yet to speak to my doctor I will keep an open mind.  I figured why not.

I have also decided not to google anything now.  I have read such horror stories and I feel like people only like talking about the bad.  I guess we all do, I though would like to focus on the good.  I have a friend called Gillian who contacted me through twitter after reading my blog and she has been an inspiration to me.  She is my age, going through treatment and is the most positive girl I have ever spoken too.  There are other girls who I have contacted through twitter who are also amazing.  Women I work with at Marks and Spencers who are inspirational.  They are the people I am going to listen too from now on.

Never underestimate social networking sites.  They really are the best way to meet and talk to people going through the same thing.

So now Spain has ended and reality is going to kick in.  After my oncologist appointment on Tuesday afternoon I will know exactly what is going on and that, my dear readers is when the fun starts. 

Keep reading.  It's gonna get good from here on in :-)


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  1. A very well written blog. I am with you all the way xx


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